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End-of-Life Doula Certification

Become an expert in helping the dying manage life's final stage.

Doula, n. (dou·la):

a person that provides holistic care for individuals and families as they encounter life's most difficult phases.

Why Become an End of Life Doula?

Unfortunately, most hospice companies lack the resources necessary to provide holistic care for the dying and their families. Through your help, you'll give assistance to other healthcare professionals that are working tirelessly to care for those in the final stage of life.

As a doula, you help to bring sacred honor back to the process of dying for the dying and their families. You are properly trained to support the dying and their loved ones as they manage life's final transition.

What Does an End of Life Doula Do?

  • Creates an environment that allows for open discussion about death between the dying and their loved ones
  • Helps the dying find the meaning of their life and the impression they've left on others
  • Alleviates the burden on caregivers by assisting with the dying's care
  • Helps to prepare and plan for the dying's last days
  • Educates those involved on the symptoms and signs of dying
  • Guides the family through their emotions after their loved one has passed on

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International Doula Life Movement

Gain Access to the Highest-Level in End-of-Life Doula Training

Experienced & Passionate Instructors

Our educational staff is comprised of practicing doulas that have found their calling in end of life care. With decades of field experience, they bring to you the knowledge and information you need to begin your doula practice in the right direction.

Affordable Courses

International Doula Life Movement is dedicated to providing it's educational courses and certifications at an affordable price. Need assistance with your tuition? Fill out our tuition assistance and scholarship form here. Assistance is limited and available to those most qualified.

Life-long Learning Support

Once you graduate from our end of life doula course, we continue to provide educational support to our alumni. With our online Doula Support Group, you'll have access to a group of knowledgeable and veteran doulas that can guide you through the challenges you may encounter.

One-on-One Coaching

After completing the program, you'll receive one-on-one mentoring from our most successful and experienced doulas. With their guidance, you'll have the coaching you need to further your practice and career as an end-of-life doula.

Course Specific FAQ's

How long is the course?

The live class is a 12 week course. If you'd like to move faster, check-out our self-paced training.

Is there a certification exam? 

Yes. To obtain your End-of-Life Doula certification, you must take and pass the certification exam in our program. After the course you can chose to take the NEDA micro-credential assessment. Don’t worry, after successfully completing your course with us you will be prepared to pass your National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) exam if you chose to.

Is there an additional fee for the certification exam?

Yes. To become a NEDA Certified doula you must apply to become a NEDA member ($50 fee) and pay the exam fee of $115.

For more information on frequently asked questions, check out our FAQ page.

Course Options & Pricing


Price $599.97

Live trainings are conducted via Zoom with Q&A at the end. Each class will be recorded in the event that you are unable to attend.

*BONUS (VALUED AT $221.00): Students will receive The End of Life Caregiver Bundle written by Barbara Karnes RN.




Price $599.97

Watch recorded Zoom lessons and complete the modules as fast or as slow as you would like. Contact our team to answer any questions.

*BONUS (VALUED AT $221.00): Students will receive The End of Life Caregiver Bundle written by Barbara Karnes RN.


(VALUED AT $29.95)


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