Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program

If you’re ready to answer your calling and become an end-of-life doula, International Doula Life Movement’s Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Certification program is for you.

This self-paced end-of-life doula certification course is ready and available when you are – whether that’s first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, in ten-minute spurts in-between daily obligations, or when you’ve finally gotten everyone settled in the evenings.

Continue reading to see what we include and all the FREE support and training IDLM gives our community.

$140 / 6 monthly

Overview of Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program

If you’re ready to answer your calling and become an end-of-life doula, International Doula Life Movement’s Death/End-of-Life Doula Specialist Certification program is for you.

This self-paced, on-demand class will prepare you to assist individuals and families in achieving their “good death” – whatever that looks like for them.

Just like our in-person course offerings, the self-paced Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Certification program will walk you through what you need to know in order to become a doula from a practicing standpoint, as well as give you an introduction to running a business and getting your first clients.

At IDLM, we prioritize thorough learning and equipping our students with the necessary skills to become professional doulas in their respective communities. Our program caters to those who wish to assist their loved ones or pursue a career as a doula, and we provide support not only during the course but also after. As a part of our doula community, you will forge meaningful connections and receive the assistance you require to be a successful doula in your community.

At IDLM, becoming a specialist as a Death/end of life doula involves training in various areas such as companion doula, contemplative doula, life planning, and end-of-life doula.

We also extend an invite to our self-paced students and graduates the opportunity to join our live online Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program, for any modules or jump in a live online class anytime.

We ask that you please purchase Barbara Karnes (1 or more if you like ) the End of Life Guideline Series please visit to purchase and The Care Plan by Odonata Care going to  Before classes start.

What is also included:

All students receive access to our Signature Business 101 Program which includes 7 modules, workbooks, and 1:1 support. This is self-paced so that you can start anytime and we offer the program live several times throughout the year, which is FREE for you to attend. A $400 Value.

  • Live through Google Meets  Graduation, and Certificates mailed out. (No digital certificate).
  • Join Our Directory For FREE!
  • Discounts on Future Education Programs.
  • Continuing Support to our Graduates (1:1 if needed).
  • Free monthly Grief Support.
  • Free monthly Death Positive Talk.
  • International Doula Life Movement Family Events.
  • IDLM Book Society.
  • Open office hours to receive to ask questions and receive support.

Free access to our student and graduate community platform. Free to you! 

  • Access to our community platform
  • Member-driven support. You can connect with fellow students on a more intimate level.
  • More safety. This is a private community and offers greater privacy than social media.
  • More flexibility. You can access the platform via desktop or through an app!
  • Monthly themes & weekly prompts. This will offer you ongoing growth and insight.
  • Workshops & webinars. Continuing education nights, special events, and more just got easier to keep track of and access replays!
  • Free Resource Library. 
  • Free IDLM Doula Mentors Group. Have all the support you need to launch and support you as you run your doula practice.


Topics Covered (This area is updated continuously from the live course):


Continued education

Monthly at no cost to our students. Keeping you updated on industry advances and tools to enhance your practice.

The Movement

You found your doula family. Our family community for ongoing support on a daily basis.


Who are actively practicing their specialty/services daily.

IDLM brings together over 200 years of experience!

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