Tree of Life

When it comes to caring for others and for ourselves, there are so many tools and so much knowledge that comes into play, but there is nothing more valuable than connection with other people. This is why IDLM will be holding its very first Tree of Life conference in San Antonio this coming November.

History of IDLM

Later this year, IDLM will be hosting the Tree of Life Conference in San Antonio. We are beyond excited for this event, which will be the first-ever conference held specifically by and for end-of-life doulas. As preparation, over the next few months this blog will host a series of articles showcasing the talents and accomplishments of the fabulous speakers and educators who will be presenting at the conference in November, and we figured the best place to start would be with our own Anna Adams, the founder of International Doula Life Movement. 

Doula Tool Kit

One of the most common ways to describe the role of a death doula to people who are not familiar with this type of work is to compare our role to that of being a guide. For our clients, the end of life journey is unfamiliar territory. That’s why they ask us to come in […]

Doula Identity

No matter how you choose to identify, the perspective you bring to the IDLM community is valued. Every different skill set, every different point of view, adds to our community and increases the types of information and support we are able to give each other and our clients.

Compassion VS Empathy

Compassion is something you can feel for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have suffered the same type of tragedy as they have, or if you come from a similar background, or even if you speak the same language. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for years, or if you’re seeing them for the first time. Compassion doesn’t ask questions, it sees someone hurting and it gets to work helping them heal.