Supporting Medically Fragile & Terminally Ill Youth

Medically fragile and terminally ill children need a unique type of support – as do their loved ones. This one-hour intensive will help doulas prepare to work with and comfort ill youth and their families.


Parents and guardians are often at a loss for how to support medically fragile or terminally ill children. This intensive one-hour session will cover anticipatory grief, addressing the 6 C’s, creating a socio-emotionally and physically safe space through the P.E.D.S strategy, adopting the grief-sensitive language, examples of legacy-building activities, and resources that families can utilize in supporting their minor child and themselves during uncertain life situations.

Melissa Lunardini

Melissa Lunardini, MA, MBA, FT, is the owner of Radical Grief, a consulting company that provides education and program design and development specializing in grief and loss. She has dedicated over fifteen years to supporting grieving children, teens, and their families. She has a proven track record for developing comprehensive suites of services in healthcare, academia, youth-based, and grief and loss-based industries. Some of these services include program development of grief support centers; school-based groups & curriculum, and summer grief camps. She enjoys presenting nationally and locally on topics related to childhood bereavement. 


Melissa strives to remain active with current trends and emerging research within the field of Thanatology and was awarded a Fellow in Thanatology through the Association for Death Education and Counseling. She is an active member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children. She sits on the Board of Directors and chairs the Loss and Healing Program for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in San Diego. Melissa is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in International Psychology with a Trauma focus. 

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