San Antonio Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program

If you’re ready to answer your calling and become an End of Life Doula, International Doula Life Movement’s Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Certification program is for you. 

The class will start on September 14,2024- December 7,2024. We will meet every OTHER Saturday from 9am-5pm PM CST. In-person at LONESTAR VISITING PHYSICIANS Main office 4115 Medical Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78229 Suite 301. During the class schedule, you will also receive practical bedside hours with Hospice patients and Hospice Staff. You will also receive practical experience in hospice in-patient unit, memory care,  assisted living, and personal care homes. 

Seating is limited.

Continue reading to see what we include and all the FREE support and training IDLM gives our community.

$140 / 6 monthly Only Good Till July 30,2024


At IDLM, we prioritize thorough learning and equipping our students with the necessary skills to become professional doulas in their respective communities. Our program caters to those who wish to assist their loved ones or pursue a career as a doula, and we provide support not only during the course but also after. As a part of our doula community, you will forge meaningful connections and receive the assistance you require to be a successful doula in your community.

The live Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Certification program will walk you through what you need to know in order to become a doula from a practicing standpoint and introduce you to ways to run a business and get your first clients. At IDLM, becoming a specialist as a Death/end of life doula involves training in various areas such as companion doula, contemplative doula, life planning, and end-of-life doula.

IDLM requires graduates to complete 12 credits a year and renew certification every 2 years.  IDLM provides free continuing education. At this time we do not offer continuing education credits for any other professional licensing. Continuing education credits are given free of charge to IDLM students and graduates. 

We ask students to purchase the Barbara Karnes End of Life Guidelines Series by visiting Bk Books. Please put in the order form that you are a IDLM Student. 

We also ask that you purchase a book from The Hospice Care Plan by Odonata Care. Please email us at for a special discount code. 


Also Included:

All students receive access to our Signature Business 101 Program which includes 7 modules, workbooks, and 1:1 support. This is self-paced so that you can start anytime and we offer the program live several times throughout the year, which is FREE for you to attend—a $400 Value.

Free access to our student and graduate community platform. Free to you!

Topics Covered:

Anna Adams

Anna Adams

Through my extensive experience in hospice and elder care, as well as my certifications as an End-of-Life Doula and End of Life Educator, I have dedicated my life to providing compassionate support and guidance to individuals and their families during their end-of-life journey. My goal is to ensure that every person in my care receives the comfort, dignity, and respect they deserve during this sacred transition.

I have cared for and helped thousands of families go through their end-of-life journeys. I have worked in a Hospice Inpatient Unit and as part of a Hospice Crisis Care Team for most of my life. I work as an End-Of-Life Doula at Holistic Care Hospice and Caring Hands Hospice in San Antonio. I have over 25 years of experience in hospice and elder care and 10+ years in High Acuity care with EMS. I am a Certified End-of-Life-Doula, End of Life Educator. I am also the owner of Savior Doula Services and the founder of the International Doula Life Movement.

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