Relationship Based Care: Support for the Dementia Journey

If dementia was a country, it would be the world’s 18th largest economy. Resource: Alzheimer’s Disease International Families need support when caring for someone with dementia. Help reduce burnout. Learn more about how you can support families.

We are now enrolling in our Relationship Based Care/Support for the Dementia Journey course. This self paced has 4 Modules

This is a prerequisite requirement course for our Dementia Doula Program.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne holds triple certification as a PAC trainer, consultant, and coach in Teepa Snow’s “Positive Approach® to Care” (PAC). She is also a certified dementia practitioner, and she is also certified in Alzheimer’s care by both the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.


She is a member of the Gallatin Mayor’s Senior Council. She also currently serves as vice president of legislative affairs for the Tennessee Association of Adult Day Services (TAADS) and is a member of the Adult Day Services Advisory Committee for the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

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