Grit to Pearl: True grit blueprint for business success Strategies for planning and execution

Class meets at 6:30-8:30pm CST starting Wednesday every week.
Starts 09/18/2024-11/20/2024

$130 / 2 monthly


In this transformative class, you will delve into the intricate fabric of entrepreneurial triumphs and setbacks, unlocking the indispensable lessons that fuel business success. Led by a  seasoned marketing expert, this immersive journey promises to unveil the invaluable insights necessary to navigate the dynamic landscape of business creation. Through riveting lessons and hands-on exercises, you’ll uncover the nitty-gritty details of real-world victories and challenges, empowering you to forge your path with confidence. Join us and embark on a voyage of discovery where each lesson learned becomes a stepping stone towards your entrepreneurial aspirations. Don’t just dream of success; seize the opportunity to master the art of building a thriving doula business. Enroll now and embark on a transformational odyssey towards entrepreneurial greatness!
Prerequisite: IDLM Business 101 (this would be super helpful but not absolutely necessary – but at least it teaches the basics)
Students must purchase:
The 12 Week Year 
The 12 Week Year Field Guide
Both by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

Heather Harmon

My name is Heather and frankly, I’ve always been intrigued with death. Not in a weird way, but in a way that somehow brought calm upon my soul when I was in a graveyard (okay…maybe a wee bit weird for some people!). In 2005 I had an experience that continues to haunt me to this day, but as my story unfolded so did my path forward. I dove head first into studying end of life and landed on becoming a death doula. My deep need to help people combined with a relentless determination has led me to today. I’m not only immersed in helping people learn about death doulas but I’m an avid planner and coach.

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