Creating a Legacy for Yourself and Others.

In this class, we will start by examining the many different approaches and benefits behind the idea of what is commonly called legacy work.  You will learn about some of the many approaches to creating legacy projects, interviewing and active listening techniques, and things to consider when finding the right legacy project for a client, not only based on interest but also on financial feasibility and time involved.   We will role-play different scenarios that could come up and crowd-source different ways of handling issues or triggers that can come up in those scenarios. 

$65 / 3 MONTHLY


As part of this class, you will be expected to create a personal legacy project and a small one for someone else.  In addition, the best way to learn something is by practice.   Parts of your projects will be presented in class for feedback.

One issue that comes up frequently is that not all people have family (biological or chosen) to “leave” a legacy project to.  The benefit of doing some life reflection and helping people see that their life has value is immeasurable.   Part of your work will be to find repositories for your clients’ stories. 

We will also spend some time on marketing, creating legacy packages, helpful equipment and how to reach out to people at all stages of life.

Classes are scheduled to start March 20 to April 17 from 6:30 to 8 CST.


Comments on Alison’s teaching:

Hi Alison! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful perspective that you bring to the realm of legacy work that we can choose to do as doulas… Your reminders to us that not everyone has kids/grandkids (or necessarily wants to leave them anything even if they have them) are so important….I also really appreciate your emphasis on thinking very creatively about what constitutes “legacy” and your caution that doulas don’t just walk in a room and assume they know for whom or for what a person might want to create and leave a legacy… or has already DONE so in their community work, in their very being-ness… 😄      -Aspen Aman.

Alison Butler

Alison spent two decades teaching a diverse range of college students at both universities and community colleges. She developed the best methods to teach students from different backgrounds. However, due to health issues, she had to retire early.

As she cared for her loved ones during their final days, she became an end-of-life doula and a certified advanced care planner.She received her INELDA end-of-life doula training in addition to her IDLM training. To deepen her knowledge about Jewish end-of-life beliefs and rituals, she attended workshops from the Shomer Collective and Reimagine. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon.

Alison’s interest in this profession grew from her desire to improve her communication skills. She realized that she needed to learn new ways to listen and communicate better. After attending various trainings to become more proficient, she recognized how essential these skills are to doula work. She is now passionate about sharing this knowledge with IDLM students.

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