Certified Pet Doula Program

The Pet Doula Certification Program provides you with the necessary information to become a Certified Pet Doula. Students will learn about pet/human relationships through different lenses and how to care for pets in every phase of life as well as gather resources to support others through pet loss.

$114 / 3 monthly


This course is a 9 week course that meets every Tuesday beginning September 12th at 6pm CST.


The purpose of this course is to provide students with the information and support to be successful in their role as Pet Doula, as they provide support and resources to others in caring for their pets in health, sickness and in death. We explore social, cultural and spiritual factors that influence pet/animal relationships and care, provide guidance to more fully enjoy those relationships and provide the best quality of life for our pets, and walk alongside others who are journeying through grief regarding the changing health and/or loss of their pet(s).

Topics Covered:

Kristina Golden

Kristina Bohler Golden

Kristina is a certified End-of-Life Doula and Grief Doula in St. Louis, MO. She specializes in Death Positive Education and Advocacy, LGBTQ+, Estranged Grief and Pet Loss. Since 2016 she has been an active Death Positive supporter, volunteering with local cemeteries and nonprofits. She is also an active volunteer for the Order of the Good Death and the St. Louis Death Positive Collective where she gives presentations and plans educational events to spread awareness.


Her biggest achievement in this field has been assisting in coordinating the first Death Positive festival in St. Louis. The Last Call: An End-of-Life Festival is now a regular fall festival in St. Louis for which she is a main committee member and coordinator. 


When Kristina is not volunteering, planning, or educating, you can find her reading, reading, reading or traveling. She works with clients on grief and pet loss and absolutely wants to see pictures of your dog. 

Linde Carter

Linde, an experienced registered nurse for 25+ years, has devoted half of her career to hospice and palliative care nursing, working in various settings including patients’ homes, long-term care facilities, and nursing management.


She is also a Board Certified Nurse Coach, specializing in grief recovery, loss, and transition coaching, and has her own private coaching practice, Simplicity Nurse Coaching.


Linde believes that she has been called to end of life care from early on in her nursing career and became interested in becoming an End of Life Doula so that she could spend more time with patients and their families at end of life than she is able to do in her clinical role as an RN.


She is deeply committed to supporting hospice and palliative care nurses, End of Life Doulas, and others who provide care for those at the end of life.

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