Our Team

International Doula Life Movement is comprised of dedicated and committed professionals who currently work in end-of-life care, grief facilitation, and chaplain services. We've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of patients and clients for the better part of 20 years. With our combined knowledge and experience, we are ready to teach and guide our students to properly care for and help those who need our services.

Anna M. Adams

Cert. EOL Doula, Cert. Senior Care Doula, Cert. Doula Care Consultant

Founder & Lead Instructor

Anna possesses over 20 years of experience in hospice and elder care and 10 years of High Acuity Care with EMS. She is a Certified End-of-Life-Doula, Certified Senior Care Doula, Certified Doula Care Consultant, and a Certified Administrative Assistant. Anna is also the owner of Savior Doula Services. She also dedicates time to Holistic Care Hospice in San Antonio, TX, as the Bereavement & Volunteer Coordinator and the End-Of-Life Doula.

Linda M. McDowell

Registered Nurse, Cert. EOL Doula


Linda holds a B.S. in Nursing and a Masters of Divinity in Christian Counseling. She is an accomplished author of two inspirational books: 'She Who Listens to the Whispers in the Wind, Finds the Treasure that Lies Within', and 'Letters to the Woman I Was'. Adding to her growing list of accomplishments, Linda is a metaphysical minister, yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Pain Management Coach. She uses her skillsets' breadth in her passion for empowering others to become the best version of themselves.

Krissy Henrickson

Cert. EOL Doula, Grief Facilitator, Holding Space Practitioner


Krissy's doula work started in 2016 when she took her first doula class. In 2019, she became a Certified End-of-life doula. She has had a lifelong passion for studying Thanatology and Grief Sharing end-of-life resources focusing on healing. Krissy deploys holistic medicines in her care and encourages healing from within. The secret to her success as an end-of-life doula is her ability to establish trust in the relationship-building process.

Melissa Arocha

Licensed Vocational Nurse, Cert. EOL Doula


Melissa currently works in the Crisis Care Department at her hospice facility while also spending time with the Inpatient Unit. She is guided by her sincere faith as she cares for those at the end of life. Her dedication to understanding and joining her patient's life journey is the driving force behind her care. Melissa is currently studying with the deliverance ministry to further her faithful devotion and better care for her patients. She has a life-long goal to open an End-of-life home with room for both patients and their families.

E. Daniece Sutherland

Licensed Vocational Nurse, Cert. EOL Doula


Daniece is currently a High Acuity Crisis Care & Triage Hospice Nurse. Her sole purpose is caring for the terminally ill and dying with a focus on empathy-based treatment. Daniece's three pillars of care are honesty, sincerity, and compassion. Her faith in these pillars allows her to effectively established trust with her patients-- whom she refers to as 'Loved Ones.' Daniece is blessed to have found her calling in EOL care and ensures a peaceful passing for all of her Loved Ones.

Leimary Morales Llopiz

Cert. EOL Doula, Chaplain, Grief Facilitator, Cert. in Gerontology


Leimary is currently the Advocacy Assistant at the YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts. Her work is defined by a passion for eliminating racism and empowering women. She is a certified Grief Facilitator and has earned her Associates in Human Services. Leimary's support for those grieving began on social media. This experience led her to become a chaplain. Since then, her passion for helping those in the grieving process has only grown as she has become an EOL doula. Her vision is to educate those on the importance and need for doulas at the end-of-life.

Gwendolyn Mason

Cert. EOLD, Hospice Chaplain


Holding both a B.S. in Theological Studies and a B.A. in Non-Profit Management, Gwendolyn has used her education by encouraging women to grow in God's grace. She is currently a Hospice Chaplain and End-of-life Doula. Through her passion for helping those at the end-of-life, she hopes to guide others as they answer the call to become an EOL Doula.

Keri-Lynn Turney

Cert. EOLD


Since 1996, Keri-Lynn has been a writer, editor and publisher for Canadian and international magazines, and has worked on everything from animal rights; to real estate and homebuilding; to mental wellness and grief. She is a Level II Reiki Practitioner and certified end-of-life doula. Keri is the founder of Sacred Departure, Life-Affirming End-of-Life Services.

Stephanie Grams

Owner, Sewing with STEAM


As the owner of Sewing with STEAM, an Ohio-based Memory Bear and Sentimental Sewing Business, Stephanie brings over 32 years of sewing and custom-design to those who seek a unique and personalized way to celebrate and remember those you love through the art of sentimental sewing.

Harmony Green

Spirit Doula


Harmony comes to IDLM to assist in the training of self-care and self-awareness of End of Life Doulas. She has been integrating her truth for over 30 years in the capacity of empath, healer, teacher, and guide. She has worked with hundreds of clients individually and in groups via silent retreats and universal empathic soul mentorship. Harmony is an expert in Myofascial Release and Unwinding techniques, a second level Reiki healer and energy worker, and has taught hundreds of students healing techniques and processes.

Elizabeth Robles



To help others grasp the opportunities for recovery that are created by loss, Elizabeth became Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying & Bereavement through the Association of Death Education Counseling (ADEC). In addition to her private practice, Elizabeth develops and presents training to professionals, businesses, and the community. She does this through her role as Clinical Director for the MYC Institute of Integrative Health. She was also a member of the South-west Regional Health Equity Council, an effort of the Office of Minority Health. Elizabeth has participated as a speaker on panels organized by the National Latino Behavioral Health Association on the impact of the pandemic on Mexican American and other Latinx communities.

Demitra Green

Cert. EOLD, Healing Touch Therapy Provider


Demitra is the Founder of the newly launched Liberating Transitions, a company dedicated to assisting individuals with some of life's inevitable transitions using various modalities, and the current owner of Sunshiny Days, LLC, a non-medical home care agency in Houston, Texas. She has 17+ years of experience in healthcare, including home health care & laboratory sciences. Demitra also holds a Certification in Gerontology, Certificate of Completion for Advanced Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss, as well as a Bachelor of Business Management degree. She spent many years of her healthcare career in training, instructing and educating staff and students in various formats & subjects. She is dedicated to a life of serving others while fulfilling her purpose.

Renae Haley

Postpartum/Birthing Doula, Cert. EOLD


Renae has worked in the childcare field for over 20 years. During this time she has help family members and friends during their labors and deliveries. She thought why not make a career doing what you love to do. She then decided to change up her career to extend the love and support she had for babies and families. Renae became a prenatal educator, labor/delivery, and postpartum care doula for pregnant mothers. Renae's goal is to continue to advocate and support her clients and families in every way that she can. 

Alaysia Coates

Cert. EOLD, Cert. Life Coach, CEO of Divine Departures LLC


Alaysia is joining IDLM not only to shine a light on the social injustices that still linger in healthcare but to also reconstruct a new interpretation of what death truly is. With her healing abilities and empathic approach to life, she plans on making it a goal that every family she comes in contact with, leaves them in a better state than at what she initially met them at.

Erin Martin, MASM

Gerontologist, Advocate, Conscious Aging Solutions


Erin W. Martin, MASM is a fierce and passionate gerontologist and advocate. She started working with older adults at the age of fifteen. Erin attended The University of Tulsa’s Collins College of Business and completed a Bachelors in Business Management. She also holds a Masters in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, the first and #1 Gerontology school in the world founded by AARP. During her Masters program, Martin ran a team of advocates serving over 700 low-income older adults in the Southern California area. In 2017, Erin founded Conscious Aging Solutions, LLC to empower and educate older adults in navigating the Western health and social systems while offering organic and conscious approaches to aging successfully and powerfully.

Wendi Dixon

Cert. EOLD, Intuitive, Healer


Wendi loves to learn and considers herself a lifetime student. She is an Intuitive, Empath, and Healer. Her primary focus is to offer healing and empowerment through rituals and rites for moments and milestones in the journey of a soul. She is currently pursuing a certification in Holistic Wellness with a focus on African culture, lifestyle, and spirituality. Her lifetime goal is to assist people in becoming their best self through emotional, and spiritual healing.

Melissa Lunardini



Melissa is the owner of Radical Grief, a consulting company that provides education and program design and development specializing in grief and loss. She has dedicated over fifteen years to supporting grieving children, teens, and their families. She has a proven track record for developing comprehensive suites of services in healthcare, academia, youth-based, and grief and loss-based industries. Some of these services include program development of grief support centers; school-based groups & curriculum, and summer grief camps. She enjoys presenting nationally and locally on topics related to childhood bereavement. Melissa strives to remain active with current trends and emerging research within the field of Thanatology and was awarded a Fellow in Thanatology through the Association for Death Education and Counseling. She is an active member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children. She sits on the Board of Directors and chairs the Loss and Healing Program for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in San Diego. Melissa is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in International Psychology with a Trauma focus.  

Michelle Montgomery

Cert. EOLD

Founder of The Death Coach Club


Michelle is the founder of The Death Coach, Rumble with Mortality, and The Death Coach Club. She is a practicing end-of-life specialist, home funeral guide, and our Business & Marketing instructor!

With over 12 years of experience as a strategist, she finds deep meaning in helping her peers in starting and growing their life’s work as something that truly supports their livelihood.

She lives in Marble Falls, Texas where she's active in death education. She's passionate about empowering others in self-determination when it comes to end-of-life planning, and she uses a variety of media and tools to do so.