The Recently Unavailable Guide to Advanced Planning


End-of-Life Doulas are well versed in helping their clients prepare for their end-of-life exit plans, but what planning about life’s unexpected detours?

Recently Unavailable Guide Doula Class


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In Greater Detail:

If your clients were unexpectedly hospitalized for weeks at a time, how easy would their care takers and advocates find the process of keeping their life running (while they’re unavailable) to be?


The Recently Unavailable Guide is the only resource available that walks individuals through the process of preparing & planning for life’s unforeseeable detours (such as a complex medical diagnosis, extended hospitalization, etc) so that their loved ones can keep their lives moving until they’re able to take their affairs back over themselves, while also accounting for the fact that – sometimes – what we think is just a detour was really the final exit after all.


Class attendees will meet via Zoom for an in-depth deep dive into the various moving parts that an individual should consider including in their emergency guide so that their caretakers and advocates are fully equipped to take over handling or wrap up their affairs in the event that the individual is unexpectedly unavailable without notice.


As part of their registration, all class attendees will receive a copy of The Recently Unavailable Guide in fillable PDF format that they will be able to use in their practice and with their clients.


All attendees who register on or before January 9th, 2022 will also receive a one hour coaching call with the instructor, Pamela Carter, during which she will be available to discuss whatever end-of-life or doula-related topics the attendee wishes. This bonus is included as part of the IDLM 1 Year Birthday Bash.

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