Life Planning Specialist Certification


No one can avoid death, but everyone can have a say in what their death looks like.


This 12-week course will educate and prepare end-of-life doulas in helping their clients craft an advanced care package ensuring their well lived life ends on a comforting, supportive note.


This class session starts May 5th.


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In Greater Detail:

Two things in life are guaranteed: taxes and death.

Everyone plans for their taxes, but not nearly enough people plan ahead for life’s unexpected detours and final exit. 

We plan for all aspects of our lives – education to get a career, wedding celebrations and marriages, family planning, exciting vacations, buying a house – but the vast majority of people fail to plan for their final bow. 

Whether no one told them they need to or whether people are hoping that avoiding the inevitable will keep death at bay, reality persists. 

We’re all going to die. It’s true.

Most of us don’t know when we’re going to die, but almost all of us can have a say (to some degree) in what our death looks like: how we’re cared for, who cares for us and what happens to our bodies and our lives after we’re gone.

End of life planning is a critical aspect of a life well lived as it ensures that individuals have a say in the care they receive when they make their final exit.

Advance care planning is an insurance policy – an assurance to ourselves and our loved ones that our affairs are in order and our wishes are known.

It’s an act of grave empathy and compassion that saves the people who love us the most from having to guess how we would respond to life’s unexpected detours when they’re grief-stricken themselves and provides peace of mind because we know that we communicated our wishes and values long before being asked to make potentially urgent decisions in an upset state of mind.

In this course, we will discuss advanced care planning on an in-depth level – covering everything from making sure a client’s important usernames and passwords are available to their advocate for emergency access to discussing how client’s might wish their legacy to be remembered after they’re gone.

Advance Care planning is not simply one document, it’s a series of things that complete a well-planned care outline. Discussion will cover the importance of having these completed in advance, as well as in-depth concept education so doulas understand and can explain each document clearly so clients can make informed decisions.

Topics covered will include living wills, living wills, power of attorneys for health care, financial powers of attorney, DNR orders and PLOST, amongst other topics.

As part of completing this course, each student will complete their own advance care documents and supporting paperwork as they move through this certification class. Participation in this aspect of the class is voluntary, but must be completed in order to receive official certification. This is so students are not only well versed on the topics at hand but gain a first-person experience of what emotionally goes into preparing an end-of-life package from the client’s perspective and experience.

Students who successfully complete this class will be prepared to discuss all aspects of advanced care planning with clients and to knowledgeably explain concepts to their clients in an easy to understand manner.

Within six weeks of the final class and graduation, students will receive a Life Planning Specialist Certification in the mail and be welcomed into the International Doula Life Movement’s professional network and community.

This 12 module course will take place over a 13 week period, with a one week break built into the calendar to allow for students to complete their documents and get caught up on any course material they missed.

Each week, class will meet via Zoom for (approximately) 2 hours. Students will be assigned coursework to be completed and turned in throughout the course. These assignments MUST be completed by graduation in order to receive the Certification.

Each module or weekly session will include support materials for reference and to be put to use in building presentation tools for clients. These materials will be in the form of PDFs and students are encouraged to create a file on their device to save the course materials into.

All meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the portal with 24-48 hours after the completion of the live class.

Course modules will open each week as the course progresses.

Class registration grants all students life time access to the course material and students are welcome to attend future class presentations and discussions as needed to ask questions or get updated information.

This course dates are as follows; all classes are held at 7PM Central on Zoom

Thursday, May 5th  Start of Part 1
Thursday, May 12th

Thursday, May 19th

Thursday, May 26th

Thursday, June 2nd

Thursday, June 9th This class marks the end of the first 6 week period

Thursday, June 16th– No live class -This week is for completing assignments.

Thursday, June 23rd Part 2 
Thursday, June 30th
Thursday, July 7th
Thursday, July 14th
Thursday, July 21st
Thursday, July 28th marks the completion of the Course

Students who successfully complete this course will be invited to participate in the IDLM Fall 2022 Graduation ceremony via Zoom.

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