When Grief Comes Home For The Holidays



When holiday grief clouds out holiday cheer, it’s tough to accept your feelings without feeling especially bad about having them. This discussion about balancing holiday sadness with tips to lighten your season is just for you.

Grief at the holidays


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In Greater Detail:

If you’re more prone to holiday sadness than holiday cheer, you’re not alone!

The holidays can be very triggering if you have open wounds or trauma – but that doesn’t mean you’re a grinch. Far from it!

Join Leimary and Krissy as they ring in the season with a discussion on holiday grief (both the love and agony it brings) and share some tips on how to lighten your spirits during this tough season.

The first class module goes live November 27st in the IDLM classroom. The final module will release on December 19th.

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