February Certified Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program

You are a doula and now you are ready to open your practice. Let us support you in setting up your practice. This course includes workbooks and will guide you through the process of starting your business. This course will also help doulas who want to take their business to the next level. 





Doula Classes


In Greater Detail:

Topics Covered

  • Doula 101 
  • Code of Ethics/Scope of Practice Contracts & Inclusivity Practices LGBTQ+
  • Getting in Touch with Your Own Mortality& Self Care 101 Part 1
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 1 & This How People Die by Barbara Karnes
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 2 This How People Die by Barbara Karnes
  • Obituary and Eulogy/ Hospital and Vigil Planning/ Medical Aid & Dying
  • Coping with Grief and Loss For Doulas
  • Common Disease & Infection Control/PPE
  • Pedi Hospice and Parents Loss
  • Companion Doula/Communication/ Tele Doula/Patient Documentation and Record-Keeping Doula Paperwork, Agreements, & Forms-Self-Study Module
  • Home Wakes / Cremation/Funerals/Green Options Celebrations and Ceremonies
  • Life Planning Doula/ EOL Paperwork/Planning
  • Making Memories, Legacy
  • Religions/ Course Overview
  • I am a Doula Practitioner/ Presenting to your Community and Hospice/ Selfcare 101 Part 2
  • Free NEDA Prep
  • Free Business 101-7 Self-Pace Modules, with workbooks.

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