Self Paced Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program

If you’re ready to answer the call to become a doula and need a doula certification course that works on your schedule, our self paced end-of-life doula certification course is ready and available when you are – whether that’s first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, in ten minute spurts in-between daily obligations or when you’ve finally gotten everyone settled in the evenings.



In Greater Detail:

If you’re ready to answer your calling and become an end-of-life doula, International Doula Life Movement’s Death/End-of-Life Doula Specialist Certification program is for you.

This self-paced, on-demand class will prepare you to assist individuals and families in achieving their “good death” – whatever that looks like for them.

Just like our in-person course offerings, the self-paced Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Certification program will walk you through what you need to know in order to become a doula from a practicing standpoint, as well as give you an introduction to running a business and getting your first clients. We also extend an invite to our self paced students and graduates the opportunity to join our live online Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program, for any modules or jump in a live online class anytime.

Topics Covered

  • Doula 101 
  • Code of Ethics/Scope of Practice Contracts & Inclusivity Practices LGBTQ+
  • Getting in Touch with Your Own Mortality& Self Care 101 Part 1
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 1 & This How People Die by Barbara Karnes
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 2 This How People Die by Barbara Karnes
  • Obituary and Eulogy/ Hospital and Vigil Planning/ Medical Aid & Dying
  • Coping with Grief and Loss For Doulas
  • Common Disease & Infection Control/PPE
  • Pedi Hospice and Parents Loss
  • Companion Doula/Communication/ Tele Doula/Patient Documentation and Record-Keeping Doula Paperwork, Agreements, & Forms-Self-Study Module
  • Home Wakes / Cremation/Funerals/Green Options Celebrations and Ceremonies
  • Life Planning Doula/ EOL Paperwork/Planning
  • Making Memories, Legacy
  • Religions/ Course Overview
  • I am a Doula Practitioner/ Presenting to your Community and Hospice/ Selfcare 101 Part 2
  • Free NEDA Prep
  • Free Business 101-7 Self-Pace Modules, with workbooks.

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