End-of-Life Doula Certification - Live Class


If you’re ready to answer the call to become a doula, you won’t want to miss this LIVE session of the internationally recognized End of Life Doula Certification course from the International Doula Life Movement!


For the final time at this low price, you can take the EOL Doula certification course via live instruction starting in January of 2022.


Payment plans are available when you click the “Enroll in Course” button below.

Live Doula Certification Course - January 2022


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In Greater Detail:

If you’re ready to answer your calling and become an end-of-life doula, International Doula Life Movement’s End-of-Life Doula Certification program is for you.

This live session will prepare you to assist individuals and families in achieving their “good death” – whatever that looks like for them.

Classes will be conducted in the IDLM classroom and via Zoom starting the week of January 15th, 2022 and ending the week of May 1st, 2022.

Topics Covered

  • Doula 101 
  • Code of Ethics/Scope of Practice Contracts and Doula Paperwork. Inclusivity Practices LGBTQ+
  • Getting in Touch with Your Own Mortality Aromatherapy Basics
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 1 Selfcare for the Caretaker
  • Stages of EOL Care Part 2/VSED Obituary and Eulogy
  • Coping with Grief and Loss
  • Common Disease & Infection Control/PPE
  • Pedi Hospice and Parents Loss
  • Companion Doula/Communication/ Tele Doula/Patient Documentation and Record-Keeping
  • Home Wakes / Cremation/Funerals/Green Options Celebrations and Ceremonies
  • Life Planning Doula/ EOL Paperwork/Planning
  • Legacy Work Intensive
  • Religions/ Course Overview
  • I am a Doula Practitioner/ Presenting to your Community and Hospice/ Selfcare for the Caretaker
  • Free NEDA Prep
  • Free Business 101-5 Self-Pace Modules

All students will receive The End of Life Guideline Series by Barbara Karnes RN, when signing up for our Certified End of Life Doula ProgramVALUED AT $54.00

This packet includes resources to support the professional, as well as educational materials to share with patient/ family and for use in community outreach.


  • 3x End of Life Guideline Series
  • 1x How Do I Know You? Dementia at the End of Life
  • 1X You Need Care Too Self Care for the Professional Caregiver
  • 1X The Tree of Life: End of Life Education , A Coloring Booklet and Family Tree 
  • 1X I Am Standing Upon the Seashore: End of Life Education, A Coloring Booklet
  • 1X A Place In My Heart: When Our Pets Die


BONUS #1: Barbara Karnes' Guideline Series

If you pay in full, BK Books will promptly ship your bundle and it will arrive within 7-14 days. Students who pay in installment can expect to receive their bundle once their final payment has been paid. Please allow 7-14 days. 

BONUS #2: Personal Copy of The Death Deck

The Death Deck has everything you need for a fun and memorable night of lively conversations with friends and family.

Play the new party game that lets you explore a topic we’re all obsessed with but often afraid to discuss.

How Do You Play?

There are 112 cards with a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions guaranteed to spark lively discussion around the topic of death.

Play with partners to try and predict each other’s answers, or discuss the topics all together in a group.

No matter how you play, you’ll learn some new things about your friends, your family, and likely yourself.

VALUED AT $29.95

The Death Deck

If you pay in full, the Death Deck team will promptly ship your box and it will arrive within 7-14 days. Students who pay in installment can expect to receive their deck within 7-14 days of their final payment.

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