Certified Menopause Doula Program


Learn how to support women in the sacred life transition of menopause.


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In Greater Detail:

Menopause is not just about when menstruation stops. There are so many physical, psychological, emotional, and existential challenges during this time, yet most women do not get the support they need.

The menopause journey is largely misunderstood, so there are many gaps in care for women in midlife. As a Menopause Doula, you can help guide women through this time, help them find the resources they need, help them make a plan for who they want to be in this season of life, and perhaps most importantly, help them to see this period of life as a rebirth!

As a Menopause Doula, you can be the one who holds her hand as she walks down this path, as she steps into her power and makes choices that support her in this new life. Menopause can be a beautiful awakening, but many women feel lost, alone and confused during this time. You can change that! You can help them flip the script and not only survive menopause but THRIVE in menopause. We’re changing lives here. Are you ready?

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