April Live Certified Death/End of Life Doula Specialist Program

If you’re ready to answer the call to become a doula, you won’t want to miss this LIVE session of the internationally recognized End of Life Doula Certification course from the International Doula Life Movement!

This live session (conducted via Google Meet) is starting on April 17- August 21st, 2023. The class will meet on Mondays from 7pm-9:30pm CST for sixteen (16) weeks.

All classes are recorded and students who are not able to make every class live are welcome to follow along at their own pace.

Students must complete their case study and pass their final exam before receiving their certificate of completion. Everyone who successfully completes this class will be invited to participate in the December 2023 graduation ceremony.

Not able to make this session? We encourage you to sign up for the self-paced version of this class. It is the exact same content covered in the live class & you can complete it on whatever schedule works best for your life.”



In Greater Detail:

Topics Covered

  • Doula 101 
  • Code of Ethics/Scope of Practice Contracts & Inclusivity Practices LGBTQ+
  • Getting in Touch with Your Own Mortality& Self Care 101 Part 1
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 1 & This How People Die by Barbara Karnes
  • Stages of End of Life Care Part 2 This How People Die by Barbara Karnes
  • Obituary and Eulogy/ Hospital and Vigil Planning/ Medical Aid & Dying
  • Coping with Grief and Loss For Doulas
  • Common Disease & Infection Control/PPE
  • Pedi Hospice and Parents Loss
  • Companion Doula/Communication/ Tele Doula/Patient Documentation and Record-Keeping Doula Paperwork, Agreements, & Forms-Self-Study Module
  • Home Wakes / Cremation/Funerals/Green Options Celebrations and Ceremonies
  • Life Planning Doula/ EOL Paperwork/Planning
  • Making Memories, Legacy
  • Religions/ Course Overview
  • I am a Doula Practitioner/ Presenting to your Community and Hospice/ Selfcare 101 Part 2
  • Free NEDA Prep
  • Free Business 101-7 Self-Pace Modules, with workbooks.

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