365 The Story of My Life

You are a doula and now you are ready to open your practice. Let us support you in setting up your practice. This course includes workbooks and will guide you through the process of starting your business. This course will also help doulas who want to take their business to the next level. 





365 story of my life


In Greater Detail:

Few individuals actively contemplate their inevitable death, or worse that death can come at any day or hour. We ignore, totally that we each have a certain number of moments, seconds, hours, days, months, or years. We live life always saying “tomorrow” …” next month”…”next year”. Living in a bubble of “next”, ignoring this moment -this space that we are certain of- the now.

The purpose of this course is not meant to be scary or frightening, but to open to the beauty of life, to appreciate the fragile, fleeting, and precious nature of our lives. The intent is to have clarity, to learn self-discipline, to become aware, to discover what is important in relationships and life. To evaluate what has the deepest meaning to us, as individuals. To explore our hidden fears, our grief, our yearning as we discover our self-more clearly.

In over 40 years of working with individuals who were suddenly facing their final moments, hours, weeks, or months, I have become increasingly aware that our focus needs to be on this life one breath at a time. Not living for what may never appear, but instead deciding to embrace what is present.

Over the course of 12 months, we will as I often am heard to say, “dive deep” into our life, we will face our fears, reflect on past dreams, bring clarity to what really matters. We will spend time together sharing and openly growing together. Just as a baby takes 9+ months to form before it’s born, we are given years to prepare before we die, and it’s the living between the moment of conception to the last breath we will embrace as we discover our authentic selves.

You will be given a list of materials you will want to have on hand. Along with books we will use to explore as we journey together. This class is based on a course I took years ago, while it was shorter in duration, I came away yearning for more, so now I will bring more to each of you. It is my intention we will meet twice a month, on Sunday evenings, these meetings will be approximately 2 -3 hours in duration. As we take this journey together, we may discover we need more discussion time, at which point I am happy to adjust the schedule based on the needs of this first class. We will have a special group within the Movement where discussions can be held, materials will be shared as well as in your student portal just like any other class. These materials will be available to you permanently.

All classes will be recorded. These classes will not be posted beyond our community in “365”. The intent is to create a safe space for us all to be comfortable in sharing and growing together.

This class this year will be $365- a dollar a day investment in yourself. This will be a beta class and thus the reason for special pricing. There are no discounts on this class. Next year in 2024, this class will increase dramatically in cost.

Payment plans are available, as always, we are committed to seeing everyone have the opportunity to continue growing through the programs at IDLM.

If you need a payment plan, please drop me a note and I am happy to break this into several payments based on your needs.

There will be an Orientation in December for everyone that is registered to meet so we can discuss the format.

I look forward to sharing this journey with each and everyone of you! The community we have here at IDLM is like no other- we are a family.

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