Active Listening and Effective Communication for Doulas and Caregivers

Legacy is a crucial aspect of human existence, as it provides a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives. Without a sense of working towards leaving a legacy, research suggests that adults may feel a lack of direction.

By exploring the concept of legacy, we gain insight into the importance of human relationships and building strong communities, as well as the human spirit.(

It is not just something to consider in old age, as contemplating our legacy can impact the choices we make in life, such as prioritizing meaningful work over financial gain. This course aims to guide individuals in reflecting on their own legacy and collaborating with others to create a lasting impact.

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Classes are scheduled to start January 17, 2024- February 21, 2024. No class meeting on February 14th.  

The class will meet at 6:30 PM CST- 8 PM CST.


Alison Butler

Alison spent two decades teaching a diverse range of college students at both universities and community colleges. She developed the best methods to teach students from different backgrounds. However, due to health issues, she had to retire early.

As she cared for her loved ones during their final days, she became an end-of-life doula and a certified advanced care planner.She received her INELDA end-of-life doula training in addition to her IDLM training. To deepen her knowledge about Jewish end-of-life beliefs and rituals, she attended workshops from the Shomer Collective and Reimagine. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon.

Alison’s interest in this profession grew from her desire to improve her communication skills. She realized that she needed to learn new ways to listen and communicate better. After attending various trainings to become more proficient, she recognized how essential these skills are to doula work. She is now passionate about sharing this knowledge with IDLM students.

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