Our Values

At International Doula Life Movement, we strive to provide the best up to date training and support. We feel that everyone should work together in the end-of-life process to offer support, education, and hands-on training to our students and families that are touched through your work as a doula.

Lead by Example

Respect the Individual

Patients & Clients First

Act with Integrity

About International Doula Life Movement

We founded the International Doula Life Movement to provide affordable End of Life Doula training accessible to any individual ready to make a difference in their community member's lives.

International Doula Life Movement prides itself on being an extensive and inclusive End of Life Doula certification training program. Our educational staff is dedicated to training those interested in supporting patients and families planning or facing the end of life. Students will learn how to provide companion services, life planning, and End of Life care. Our students will learn how to use a holistic approach to the dying individual and their family.

Our founder has over 25 years of experience in hospice and end-of-life care and has provided education to others to help fill in the medical care gaps we are facing today. She utilized her years of experience in the medical field and business fields to create International Doula Life Movement to fill those gaps for future End of Life Doulas, Companion Care Doulas, and Life Planning Doulas.

Mission Statement

International Doula Life Movement is committed to offering affordable resources, support, and cutting-edge training in the fields of Doula Companion Care, Doula Life Planning, and End of Life Doula support.

We are dedicated to educating and supporting those that choose to answer the call to become a holistic care provider for individuals and families that seek assistance during life's most difficult events.